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  • 11.30.07

    New content was added at the Route 23 Club fan site for Dwight - including some of the earliest pictures of Dwight. These include pictures of his father, mother and grandfather - and some wild pictures of Dwight performing as a young man. Additionally, classic videos are newly posted of Dwight's first McDonald's commercial, and some of his earliest TV appearances. For more information about joining the Route 23 Club, you can visit

  • 11.30.07

    Dwight will join a number of other legendary country acts such as The Judds at the Stagecoach Country Music festival in Indio on the weekend of May 3-4.

  • 11.30.07

    West Michigan country-music fans were in for a real treat in November, because Dwight served up some hot new food items for the Meijer stores.

    Dwight went to Grand Rapids to promote his new album, "Dwight Sings Buck" -- a tribute to the late country star Buck Owens -- and to promote his Bakersfield Biscuits line of frozen food. The Meijer chain is selling the albums and the food line.

    Dwight maintains all the creative control for logo designs and comes up with names for the food items, which include Lanky Link Sausage, Chicken Lickin's Buffalo Style Bites and Chicken Lickin' Chicken Fries.

    Fans who attend his appearance in November at Meijer were treated to samples of chicken fries, and Yoakam said he is excited about the introduction of Take 'Ems to his food line.

    Including Lil' Joes, Lil' Chicks and Breakfast Burritos, the individually wrapped items are called Take 'Ems "so you can grab it and run."

  • 11.25.07

    Entertainment Weekly notes that "No longer is ''depressing Christmas music'' considered an oxymoron or a socially unacceptable subgenre. Most artists nowadays include at least one downbeat track on their holiday collections"... Dwight's Santa Can't Stay makes #3 on their list.... A classic song. Read more.

  • 11.09.07

    Dwight Yoakam received special recognition for his contributions to Country Music, as representatives of CMA and the BBC presented him with CMA's International Artist Achievement Award during pre-televised festivities leading up to "The 41st Annual CMA Awards" Wednesday at the Sommet Center in Nashville.


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