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  • 11.02.07

    Dwight's new album "Dwight Sings Buck" is the #1 Independent Album this week according to Additionally the album debuted at #11 on the Top Country Albums, and #42 on the Billboard 200. See the entire list here.

  • 11.01.07

    A really nice article in MovieMaker Magazine, which discusses Red rock West director John Dahl. The article discusses Dwight's participation in the movie and how his Top 10 song 1000 Miles From Nowhere became the song's closing theme.

  • 10.30.07

    October 30, 2007
    For the week of October 26, 2007, viewers voted Dwight's "Close Up The Honky Tonks" video into the #1 spot on CMT's 12-Pack Countdown for the week of October 26. Thanks to all of you for helping!! Check it out here.

  • 10.26.07

    As many of you know, we've launched the new Route 23 Club - which has a brand new Lonesome Roads Hotel. While we're making the transition, you can still get to the old Lonesome Roads Hotel by clicking here. Just to let you know, we will be shutting down the public Lonesome Roads Hotel on within the next week - so that we can put our full attention on the new LRH within the fan club site. We hope you'll all join and be a part of what we think is an exciting new adventure!!

  • 10.23.07

    The one of a kind new album celebrating and honoring his friend and mentor Buck Owens, features the emotional first single, "Close Up The Honky Tonks." The video for this single, which was directed by Fred Durst, can be seen on CMT and GACTV. Dwight Sings Buck is also available as a Limited Edition 180 gram vinyl record.

    Yoakam and Owens had a profound initial musical connection that turned into a life-long friendship. Yoakam demonstrates the enormous amount of love and respect he has for his friend with this special album honoring Owens' legacy and showcasing his many hits. According to All Music Guide, "Yoakam's love for these anthems is palpable in every track. He doesn't set out to imitate Owens' style or delivery, but he does capture the essence of each song, playing them as Buck intended: no frills, no foolin' around…"

    Coinciding with his new album, Yoakam has re-launched his official web site As part of this re-launch, Yoakam will debut The Route 23 Club (, a new fan club site offering exclusive access to Yoakam content – including news, pictures, video, audio, desktop wallpapers, buddy icons and special "behind the scenes" footage. The sites' "Interact" section includes a members-only discussion board, where fans can communicate with each other, members of Yoakam's management team – and even Yoakam himself. Additionally, the club will feature exclusive monthly contests – with prizes including signed merchandise, tour meet & greets with Yoakam and concert tickets. Membership to the Route23 Club -- which refers to the road out of Yoakam's hometown of Pikeville, KY -- is priced at $23 per year. The site launches soon at both and

    In celebration of Dwight Sings Buck Yoakam will post personal photos with Buck on the new site as well as special archival footage of his earliest appearance on Hee Haw – the television show which Buck co-hosted for 16 years. A portion of the proceeds from sales of the album will be donated by Dwight Yoakam and New West Records to the "Buck Owens American Music Foundation" a charity devoted to the preservation of the Bakersfield sound and the Buck Owens legacy.


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