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  • 09.28.16

    Dwight has signed 5 copies of his bluegrass album Swimmin' Pools, Movie Stars...on BLUE vinyl and you can enter to win one!

    Get all the details and enter for your chance to win HERE!

  • 09.23.16

    Dwight’s new album, Swimmin Pools, Movie Stars is available today!

    The 12-track album features bluegrass reinventions from his extensive catalog and one notable cover – Prince’s “Purple Rain.”

    This project reflects the love for bluegrass music that Dwight developed at an early age in Kentucky, which has inspired him for many years.

    “Not only is this album a chance for Yoakam to prove that his material does in fact work in a bluegrass context, but he also reinterprets his songs with some of the genre’s most celebrated pickers behind him…” - NPR

    Get the new album via iTunes or Amazon!


  • 09.21.16

    Dwight is playing Nashville’s Mercy Lounge tonight as a part of Americana Fest and you can watch it LIVE!

    Just tune in to Live Nation’s Facebook  or YouTube page at 11pm CST / 9pm PST to see it! 


  • 09.16.16

    Dwight put his own bluegrass spin on Prince’s mega hit “Purple Rain” for his new album, Swimmin’ Pools, Movie Stars…pre-order your copy today and get “These Arms” and “Guitars, Cadillacs” instantly! 

    Via Rolling Stone:

    In April of this year, Dwight Yoakam and his band spent four days in a recording studio, working up 13 tracks for Swimmin' Pools, Movie Stars…, his upcoming album featuring bluegrass renderings of some of the Kentucky native's best-known tunes. But on the third day, the album took an unexpected turn as Yoakam – and the rest of the world – learned of the death of music icon Prince. In a spontaneous expression of grief, Yoakam and his fellow musicians cut a grassy, upbeat version of "Purple Rain," replacing the blazing guitar work with fiddle, mandolin but retaining the same youthful spirit with which Prince had imbued the original.

    Reserve your copy of the album here

  • 09.15.16

    Dwight’s upcoming album doesn’t come out until next Friday, September 23, but you can listen to it in its entirety now, thanks to NPR!

    "Has any country artist made a more convincing case for the hipness of hillbilly sensibilities than Dwight Yoakam? He's built a singular career out of challenging the opposition between what's perceived as artless and rustic and what's seen as cultivated and citified. It's proven to be a richly complex, consuming and decades-long project, furthered by his stylishly sharpened, post-British Invasion honky-tonk sound; a hat-sporting stage persona that exudes magnetic, peacocking masculinity; and a smartly crafted narrative that frames him as a Kentucky-born California migrant who carved out space for his defiantly down-home aesthetic in the midst of a cool rock scene…”

    Read more and listen to the album HERE!  

    Don’t forget to reserve your copy HERE




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