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  • 09.15.16

    Dwight’s upcoming album doesn’t come out until next Friday, September 23, but you can listen to it in its entirety now, thanks to NPR!

    "Has any country artist made a more convincing case for the hipness of hillbilly sensibilities than Dwight Yoakam? He's built a singular career out of challenging the opposition between what's perceived as artless and rustic and what's seen as cultivated and citified. It's proven to be a richly complex, consuming and decades-long project, furthered by his stylishly sharpened, post-British Invasion honky-tonk sound; a hat-sporting stage persona that exudes magnetic, peacocking masculinity; and a smartly crafted narrative that frames him as a Kentucky-born California migrant who carved out space for his defiantly down-home aesthetic in the midst of a cool rock scene…”

    Read more and listen to the album HERE!  

    Don’t forget to reserve your copy HERE



  • 09.13.16

    Dwight’s upcoming project, Swimmin’ Pools, Movie Stars… will feature bluegrass renditions of some of his biggest hits – and one notable cover song.

    People magazine has the exclusive first listen to Dwight’s version of “Purple Rain,” performed by the late, great Prince.

    "With three decades of music under his buckled belt, Dwight Yoakam has cemented his status as a country icon – and on his forthcoming album, he's not only covering his own songs but one by a pop legend as well.”

    LISTEN and read Dwight’s interview with People HERE.

  • 09.09.16

    Dwight’s new album, Swimmin’ Pools, Movie Stars… is out September 23 and currently available for pre-order. Purchase your copy today and you’ll receive the bluegrass renditions of “These Arms” and “Guitars, Cadillacs” instantly.

    "Fleshed out by an assortment of deeper cuts from Yoakam's vast catalog and an inspired cover of Prince's 'Purple Rain,' the record doesn't shy away from the cowpunk progenitor's more mainstream fare. 'Guitars, Cadillacs' – Number 94 on Rolling Stone's 100 Greatest Country Songs of All Time – covers that mark, with Yoakam slowing down the tempo to recast the radio hit as a backporch jam. His lament about being a "naïve fool who came to Babylon" sounds even more tortured in this more sparse arrangement (via Rolling Stone).”

    Rolling Stone premiered “Guitars, Cadillacs” on Friday – read more and preview the track here

    Swimmin’ Pools, Movie Stars… is available for pre-order HERE.

  • 08.26.16

    Dwight’s upcoming album, Swimmin’ Pools, Movie Stars…is now available for pre-order!

    Reserve your copy HERE and get “These Arms” instantly! 

    For the making of this record, Dwight assembled a band of bluegrass luminaries to reinterpret favorites from his catalogue of gems featuring eleven Yoakam compositions and a new cover of Prince’s “Purple Rain.” Yoakam is currently on tour across the U.S. and will perform at AmericanaFest Nashville. See full list of dates below.

    The new album reflects the love for bluegrass music that Yoakam developed at an early age in Kentucky, and that has inspired him for many years thereafter. Yoakam’s choice to partner with Sugar Hill for this release speaks volumes about the seriousness of this endeavor; Sugar Hill and its sister label Rounder have long been at the forefront of bluegrass, roots and Americana music.

    This project was produced by nine-time Grammy winner Gary Paczosa (Alison Krauss, Dolly Parton), Jon Randall (songwriter of “Whiskey Lullaby”) and Yoakam, recorded at both Southern Ground Studio (TN) and the legendary Capitol Records Studio B in Los Angeles, and mixed by Chris Lord Alge. For the recording, the production team gathered together a world-class band of bluegrass’ current greats including Grammy winner and nine-time international Bluegrass Music Association Guitar Player of the Year Bryan Sutton, Grammy winner Stuart Duncan on fiddle and banjo, 14-time Grammy winner Barry Bales on bass, Adam Steffey on mandolin (Alison Krauss), and Scott Vestal on banjo (Sam Bush). The LP also features harmony vocals by Jonathan Clark, Brian Whelan, Davey Faragher and newcomer Bryan Joyce.

  • 08.25.16

    NPR Music has an exclusive first listen of “These Arms” with an all-new bluegrass twist off Dwight’s upcoming album Swimmin’ Pools, Movie Stars… (available September 23!)

    Give it a listen HERE.

    "You can hear Yoakam making masterful choices on every phrase of these new versions: Note how he shifts the way he says the word "ache" on this poignant take on "These Arms," a sexy barroom lament when he first recorded it in 1998. The original reading had a swing to it, like the one a woman's skirt makes when she's dancing close with a partner. This new recording has its own kind of motion, more like that of a porch swing where a woman sits wondering whether her lover will return. That's Yoakam, telling a classic tale in a way that’s just new enough to make it personal again.” - NPR Music

    Read more and listen to the track via NPR Music HERE.


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