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  • Don't wanna give this guitar away... but I'll send that other one to you if you enter and win!
    46 weeks 4 days ago
  • Enter! You can still win a Blonde Ephiphone Casino Guitar signed by Dwight. Throw your name into the hat: - D Team
    46 weeks 5 days ago
  • I gotta stop... Cause I was havin' too much fun!
    46 weeks 5 days ago
  • Thank you Kentucky... That was fun...
    47 weeks 16 hours ago
  • Say hey Chattanooga! Y'all were fun!!! Yeah man!
    47 weeks 3 days ago
  • Headin' toward Prince George... It'll be like that!
    49 weeks 6 days ago
  • Here, and... there... across Canada!
    50 weeks 4 days ago
  • Walkin' into Winnipeg... gettin' set to "Tonk it" all night long!
    50 weeks 6 days ago
  • Don't forget to enter to win a Blonde Epiphone Casino guitar signed by Dwight! Enter here: - D Team
    51 weeks 7 hours ago
  • Who's been to a Dwight show this year? If you haven't had a chance, find out when he will be near you soon: - D Team
    51 weeks 5 days ago
  • Tunes for Tuesday! Haven't had a chance to watch Dwight's video "A Heart Like Mine?" Got it for you here: - D Team
    51 weeks 6 days ago
  • 3 Pears... "and then some"... Take a listen ; )
    1 year 2 days ago
  • Well this shot ain't from the VMAs but... ok, that's probably a good thing... ; )
    1 year 6 days ago
  • #ThrowbackThursday: all the way back to 1993 - "Fast As You" from the 'This Time' album. RT if you rock it: - D Team
    1 year 1 week ago
  • Today it's the CORN PALACE... So "Shuck'em" ya'll!
    1 year 1 week ago
  • Yeah, Wichita y'all! Now "you all" choose... go on... pick which one "yuns" want... ; )
    1 year 1 week ago
  • Shows in WA, OK, TX, MO and many more coming up. Complete line-up of dates and tickets here: - D Team
    1 year 2 weeks ago
  • Take hold of my hand/And I'll do what I can/To make everything right/At least for tonight... -DTeam
    1 year 2 weeks ago
  • Summer is almost over, but Dwight is still on tour! Where did you see Dwight this summer? - D/Team
    1 year 3 weeks ago
  • Time Keepers...
    1 year 3 weeks ago