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  • 03.24.06

    "I was devastated by Buck’s passing since I had talked to him just a couple days ago and even though he seemed in a somewhat fragile physical state, he was emotionally exuberant and still living life in a forward motion, discussing a variety of plans for his future. My thoughts and prayers are with his three sons, Buddy Allen, Michael and Johnny, his grandchildren and his girlfriend Karen. I will cherish, forever, the musical moments he graciously shared with me during his life. I will be eternally grateful for his fatherly chastisements, encouragement and, ultimately, his friendship and love. I will miss him deeply.”

    – Dwight Yoakam

  • 05.06.05

    A proclamation was made by Mayor David Nohe earlier Sunday afternoon at the commencement ceremony for Ohio Valley College where Yoakam was the keynote speaker. More

  • 04.19.05

    Review of 'Blame The Vain'.

    "For years, Steve Earle has been the only artist of the New Country generation making music as interesting as he did in the ’80s. That’s no longer the case, as a sleeping giant awakens." More

  • 05.04.04

    "Pieces Of Time" and "Just Lookin' For A Hit" video compilations are now available on DVD: Click Here and Here

  • 02.19.04

    Dwight Yoakam was honored with the Governors' Lifetime Achievement Award from the Kentucky Music Hall of Fame in ceremonies held February 19 in Frankfort, KY. Presenting the award to Dwight was The Honorable Ernie Fletcher, former Governor of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. In his acceptance, Dwight thanked his parents and recalled fond memories of his Kentucky roots. He followed with an impromptu acoustic performance of John Prine's ode to the bluegrass state, "Paradise."


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